You prefer to spend time outside all year round, rain or shine. The garden is increasingly in direct connection with the house and together both spaces form one whole. Being outside becomes living outside! A lovely place in the garden where you can relax at the weekend with a good book or perhaps even the sheltered place for your swimming pool or jacuzzi, that sounds fantastic, right?

MAKE THIS your moment

We want it to be about you. That you can enjoy every moment of the day at home, both indoors and outdoors! A nice living environment gives you the ultimate feeling of coming home. With a louvered roof you can turn your house into a safe and comfortable home and you are completely in control of your living environment. Make this your moment!

Natural Light

The garden and the terrace are getting more and more attention. Logical, since we like to spend our time outside. By being outside we come into more contact with natural light, which causes us to produce the happiness hormone endorphins. In addition, natural light is also good for our skin and our immune system. In short: a valuable contribution to a healthy lifestyle!

Dose shade

A louvered roof gives you the feeling of being outside with the comfort of the inside. You determine the amount of shade and sunlight that you allow by tilting or sliding open the slats. With a terrace facing south, you should preferably place the slats parallel to the facade of your home. This is the best way to control the amount of sunlight that enters. A terrace on the north? Then it is smart to place the slats perpendicular to the wall. The incidence of light can then best be regulated from the east or west. With the slats completely closed you create a splash-proof roof.


All RAL colors according to overview are calculated against the standard RAL colors and have no additional cost! Bi-Color is possible, so posts and construction in one color and the slats in a different color.

Mounting type

Freestanding placement

In the case of a free-standing installation, the louvre roof is fitted with four or six uprights, depending on the dimensions. The roof can be placed anywhere in your garden. To ensure that the water is drained properly, drainage is prepared in two or more uprights.

Facade installation

If you opt for wall mounting, the louvered roof is placed with one side against the facade. Due to the installation on the facade, no uprights are placed on this side. Also for facade mounting, the drainage is prepared in all uprights, so that the water is drained properly.

Integrated or surface-mounted

The louvered roof can also be placed on an existing building situation. If you opt for the mounting type integration / construction, the louvre roof will be executed without uprights.

Possible additional options


LED lighting continuously integrated in the corners




Sliding glass walls